Heat Pumps


Heat Pump Servicing – Just like your car, all Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners need regular maintenance to ensure the a long operating life. Heat Pump Manufacturers recommend the units in your home have a full service carried out on an annual basis.

Commercial Air Conditioning systems typically have a full service every three to six months; these units are used on a daily basis so require more attention, however the frequency depends on the operational environment, and how much dirt and dust may build up in the unit.

Heat pump suppliers recommend filters are cleaned approximately every three months. This can be easily done by the owner, or for those that are unable to for any reason, we do offer to clean the filters for you.

A full heat pump service includes:

  • Clean & disinfecting the indoor unit to prevent bacteria build up on the coil and throughout  the unit
  • Application of anti-microbial tablet treatment in condensate drip tray to inhibit bacterial growth within the indoor unit.
  • Clean the indoor unit’s filters, vanes and outer covers
  • Check the condensate drain, flushing with disinfectant and unblock if required
  • Check electrical terminals and components for signs of soot
  • Run the unit in both heating and cooling mode to check air-out temperatures
  • Check the outdoor unit base and ensure the unit is level and secure
  • Check for obstructions in and around the unit, coil, drain and electronics to improve efficiency and performance
  • Check flare joints and fittings
  • Tighten valve caps, check electrical connections
  • Check and clear coil
  • Clean the outside of the casing
  • Inspect for presence of insects and vermin in case of damage to the electronics

Our servicing / maintenance technicians are regularly rotating through Auckland area and will contact our existing customers when their service is due.

We do, however, maintain any heat pump/air conditioning unit, so if you need a service please contact us to book in an appointment time that suits.